An attorney directory for Illinois-licensed solo practitioners

This growing directory lists attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Illinois courts and operate as solo practitioners. This site was built by a Sara Kubik, a family law solo practitioner who likes technology.

Illinois-licensed solo attorneys who qualify to be listed on this site should click on the “Create a Listing” button below. Your information will be reviewed and if we have any questions, we’ll email you. Further directions are available in this 10-minute video.

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updated 6/17/20

Attorney's first name: Kelley
Attorney's last name: Zuber
Business Name: Zuber Law Office
Phone Number: (618) 513-0716
Counties Where Practicing: Clinton, Jackson, Madison, St. Clair, Union
Attorney's first name: Jennifer
Attorney's last name: Zimberg
Areas of Practice: ,
Phone Number: (312) 965-0907
Attorney Molly Wretzky
Attorney's first name: Molly
Attorney's last name: Wretzky
Business Name: Everyday Law
Phone Number: (312) 715-7081
Counties Where Practicing: Cook, DuPage, Lake
Attorney's first name: David
Attorney's last name: Wolf
Phone Number: (815) 338-5297
Attorney's first name: Joyce
Attorney's last name: Wixson
Areas of Practice: , ,
Phone Number: (630) 789-1503
Attorney's first name: Hannah
Attorney's last name: Wince
Phone Number: (217) 832-3701
Attorney's first name: Erin
Attorney's last name: Wilson
Phone Number: (312) 767-4220
Attorney's first name: Louis
Attorney's last name: Wierenga
Areas of Practice: ,
Phone Number: (708) 288-8978
Firm Website:
Attorney's first name: Tim
Attorney's last name: Whitham
Business Name: Whitham Law Office
Phone Number: (815) 986-4870
Attorney Marc Whipple
Attorney's first name: Marc
Attorney's last name: Whipple
Business Name: Marc Whipple
Phone Number: (847) 452-5786
Attorney's first name: Edward
Attorney's last name: Whalen
Phone Number: (312) 726-0236
Attorney's first name: Eitan
Attorney's last name: Weltman
Phone Number: (309) 829-4422
Counties Where Practicing: McLean
Attorney's first name: Paul
Attorney's last name: Weltlich
Phone Number: (312) 699-1700
Counties Where Practicing: Cook
Attorney's first name: Paul
Attorney's last name: Weltlich
Phone Number: (312) 669-1700
Attorney's first name: Mary Beth
Attorney's last name: Welch Collins
Phone Number: 618-662-5900